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RPAS Drone Imaging

Taifa is on the leading edge of preventative maintenance with our drone inspection program that provides the ability to perform non-invasive, efficient, and accurate thermal diagnostics of electrical equipment.

• Substation RPAS Imaging – photographing transmission systems
• Lines Inspections – Transmission and Distribution up to 13.8kV - 500kV DC / 230kV AC
• Solar Farms Panels Inspections
• Building Envelope Thermal Imaging and Scans
• Optical Gas Imaging
• FLIR Stationary Infrared Imaging Installations Services Provider 

Utilizing our state of the art drone in conjunction with FLIR thermal imaging, we can provide these services with virtually no safety risk to workers.

Substations / Transmission Lines
With our effective drone practice, we can maintain adequate limits of approach to high voltage transmission lines and associated equipment while providing an up close and personal inspection of insulators and electrical connections. The use of the drone allows for inspection of equipment from all angles on any terrain. 

Solar Farms
With our FLIR thermal imager and versatile drone it is easy to locate failed cells within panels due to the large surface area that the drone can view from above. Implementing drone use to a regularly scheduled maintenance program of solar panels will reduce downtime and improve the operation of the facility. 

Taifa Engineering staff possess the highest standard of training certifications for RPAS Operations in Canada including:
Level 1 Thermographer - Infraspection
Small Basic RPAS (Drone) Pilot Certification - Transport Canada 
Small Advanced RPAS (Drone) Pilot Certification - Transport Canada
Small Advanced RPAS (Drone) Ground School Certification - Based off of the new Transport Canada Legislation as of 2019-01-09
Basics of sUAS and Thermal Imaging - FLIR Training Systems, 2019 
Commercial Drone FM XT2/P-SDK Webinar – FLIR Training Systems, 2019
Zenmuse XT2 – FLIR Training Systems, 2019

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